West Des Moines, Iowa

Karen Thesier

30 Visits Per Month

I am Karen, a proud mother of four (three sons and one daughter, all with their own families) and a Grammy to 14 wonderful grandchildren (eight biological and six bonus).  Spending time with them, whether it’s attending school functions, cheering them on at sports events, or hosting sleepovers, brings me immense joy.  In my free time, I indulge in my passions, including traveling, exploring wine tastings, and relishing the beauty of both beaches and mountains.  Sandy, sunny beaches and cozy mountain campfires fill my heart with happiness.  My loyal furry companion, Jax, has been by my side for almost 15 years, always welcoming me home with a smile and a wagging tail.  But my true bliss comes from being surrounded by my beloved family and friends, simply enjoying each other’s company.  Conducting home visits for Community Greetings allows me to connect with others, and I cherish the interactions and the opportunity to share in the job of community bonds.